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What's Going On!!

Hey Everyone!

It may be quiet out on the front lines but trust me when I say, there has been so much happening behind the scenes! For starts, I've fixed up and refreshed a bunch of pages on this website! I will also be adding a "Members Only" Section for people to access their photos when completed. This will be password protected so only those with the password may access their page and photos! I've also made a bug investment into product photography with purchases like professional soft-box lighting and product boxes. Sample photos can be found in my portfolio!

2023 is going to be the year everything changes. I will be investing into higher end photography equipment in the new year to expand my services and improve on the quality I'm able to provide! Now let's talk about merch! In the new year I will be adding T-shirts!! - Yeah, Yeah.. I know, how exciting LOL! Well, along with T-shirts I will be providing customized merchandise for after your photoshoots! Imagine the beautiful couples shot we just took on a mug! or the awesome cosplay photo set we did in a calendar! Oh yeah, in 2023 the game is going to be stepped up!! LETS GOOOOO!

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